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John Goodlow




Stats: 5'10”

Education: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

                  Berklee School of Music, Boston, MA

Location: New York, NY



Law and Order: SVU                               Co-Star S25Ep2                                Jean de Segonzac, Dir.

Rent Boy                                               Felix                                                 Trey Chapman, Dir.

Hit and Run                                           Co-Star                                              Neasa Hardiman, Dir.

Shad "Sniper" Music Video                     Mr. Corporate                                     Asan Aslam, Director

Manifest                                                Co-Star                                             Michael Smith, Director

New Amsterdam                                    Recurring Co-Star                               Peter Horton/Mike Smith, Director

The Good Cop                                       Co-Star Ep. 109                                 Neema Barnette, Director

Marvel's Jessica Jones                           Co-Star/Episode 213                          Uta Briesewitz, Director

Windows on the World (Feature)             Bus Driver                                          Michael Olmos, Director

Mysteries of Laura                                 Co-Star/Ep. 215                                 Norman Buckley, Director

 Standup Nation w/Greg Giraldo              Undertaker                                         Comedy Central

The Family Will                                     Big Daddy (principal)                           Urbanworld Film Festival

Saturday Night Live                               Various Film Work                               NBC

   (incl. “White Like Eddie” w/Eddie Murphy)

One Life To Live                                     Fireman (U5)                                      ABC



Commercials, Voiceovers and Industrials                                              Principal                                              Principal Entertainment

Price Waterhouse                                 Voiceover                                            KSK Studios

Lincoln Financial                                   Principal                                             ASL Productions

DePuy Pharmaceuticals                        Principal                                             Urban Sled                   

MetLife                                                 John                                                  Assembly Films

PWC Shareholder Activism                    Board Member                                    KSK Studios          

Traveler’s Insurance                               Construction Foreman                            

Globe Life Insurance                              Spokesperson/Host                             Northern Lights Direct

Comcast/Xfinity                                     Man Behind Laptop                             Superfad Productions

Novartis Pharmaceutical                        Doctor                                                RJO Group Prods.

Vytorin/Corbett Healthcare                     Janitor                                                Marge Casey Prods.

Motorola Industrial                                 Sick Patient           

Biography Channel/Street Stories           Chess Player                                      Leroy and Clarkson

Extreme Makeover                                Businessman                                      TVLand Network

Delaware Anti-Smoking                         Car Washing Man                                Shooters, Inc

Theater and Stand-up Comedy

Black Metropolis                                    Samuel Waller (lead)                           Producer’s Club

Anna Christie                                         Johnny The Priest                               American Ensemble Theater
Queens of Heart                                     Uncle Bob (pedophile)/Dr. Johnson       Theater for the New City

Homeland                                              Mario Tonelli, Esq.                              Theater for the New City
One Man’s Garbage                               Professor (lead)                                   Apricot Prods (Montclair, NJ)

A Soldier’s Play                                     Corporal Bernard Cobb                         No Empty Space Theater

Radio Free Comedy                               Comedy Ensemble, Performer/Writer     Kaufman Astoria Studio

Master of Ceremonies                            NY’s First All African-American             Apollo Theater

                                                               Stand-up Comics Show

Winner, “Bankers v. Brokers”                   Contest, featured in “People” Mag.        Compass Lounge, NYC


Education and Training

Cold Reading/Scene Study                     Sarah Baskin                                      Actor's Green Room

Ongoing Technique/Scene Study             Penny Templeton                                Penny Templeton Studio

    and Advanced On-Camera

Music Performance (Percussion)             Berklee School of Music                      B.A., Music Performance

Music Performance (Percussion)             Miami University                                 Oxford, Ohio

Private Study, Drum Set                          Bernard Purdy                                    New York, NY

Private Study, Drum Set                          Alan Dawson                                      Boston, MA


Special Skills
  • Accomplished drummer and percussionist

  • Proficient in archery and riflery (former instructor of both)

  • Inline skating

  • French language, some read/speak

  • Valid passport

  • Fluent in "legalese"

  • In-depth knowledge of aviation and space flight

  • Driver's license

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